Finance Career Options - Career Planning and Placement (2024)

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What is finance?

Finance is the management of money which includes investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving and forecasting. There are four main areas of finance: banks, institutions, public accounting and corporate.

Courses within the finance major provide a solid background in many subjects including:

  • Financial markets and intermediaries
  • Measuring the risk and return of investments
  • Financial management in international money and capital markets
  • Functional areas of bank management and related financial institutions
  • Recent developments in futures and options

Review the finance program page.

Traditional career titles

Entry-level titles in finance

Top industries in finance

  • Stockbroker
  • Budget analyst
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Investment banker
  • Financial auditor
  • Financial analyst
  • Personal financial advisor
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Junior tax associate/accountant
  • Banking insurance
  • Investment bBanking
  • Personal financial planning
  • Corporate and public finance

What can I do with this major?


Suggested employers

Corporate and public finance

  • Treasury
  • Budget analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Investor relations
  • Risk management
  • Financial reporting
  • Investment management
  • Cash and Credit management
  • DOW
  • DTE Energy
  • General Motors
  • Owens Corning
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Stellantis


  • Mortgage loans
  • Private banking
  • Branch management
  • Commercial lending
  • Corporate credit analysis
  • Ally
  • Comerica Bank
  • Chemical/TDF Bank
  • Huntington National Bank
  • Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans


  • Sales
  • Claims analysis
  • Risk management
  • Travelers
  • Comerica Bank
  • Northwestern Mutual

Personal Financial Planning

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • AXA Advisors
  • Prudential
  • Raymond James Financial

Investment Banking

  • Trading
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate financial analysis
  • JP Morgan
  • AYCO, a Goldman Sachs Co.

Areas of Finance



Public accounting


  • Sales and trading
  • Equity research
  • Investment banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Research
  • Private equity
  • Portfolio management
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Transaction advisory
  • FP & A
  • Treasury
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate development

Career fairs

  • Annual career fairs for Ilitch School students and alumni to meet with employers in various functions for co-ops and internshipsand full-time employment
  • Check Handshake for details

Meet the Accounting Firms career fair

  • Annual career fair held for accounting and finance students and alumni interested in pursuing a CPA or other related certification
  • Engage with employers recruiting for co-ops andinternships and full-time positions in public and private industries
  • Check Handshake for details

Internships and full-time employment

  • Internships occur anytime during the academic year
  • Full-time recruiting occurs during the first three months of the Fall and Winter semester
  • Check Handshake for details

Quick prep tips

  • Apply for jobs, register for Career, Planning and Placementevents, research employers on Handshake
  • Attend meet andgreets, company presentations, career fair prep and mock interviews
  • Attend Ilitch School career fairs
  • Submit resume for review and approval on Handshake or schedule an appointment with a Career, Planning and Placement advisor
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews by meetingwith Career, Planning and Placement staff for one-on-one guidance
  • Research finance companies
  • Purchase business professional attire or borrow attire from theMary Ann Goldsberry Professional Dress Closet located in the Career, Planning and Placement, Suite 229

Get involved

Consider joining one or more of the following student organizations:

Job resources

Finance Career Options - Career Planning and Placement (2024)


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