Guide to balcony staterooms on Royal Caribbean (2024)

Balcony staterooms are among the most popular category of cabin you can book on any cruise ship because of the combination of space and value it provides.

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When you book a balcony cabin, you get a well-sized room along with a private balcony to enjoy at anytime during your cruise.

Royal Caribbean offers more balcony rooms on its ships than ever before, with its newest cruise ships offering the most balcony rooms. In short, you will find plenty of balcony room choices when booking a cruise on any of its newest vessels.

If you are thinking about booking a balcony stateroom on your Royal Caribbean cruise, here is what you need to know about this stateroom category.

Balcony room basics

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No matter which balcony cabin you book on any Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you can expect a very similar experience across the board.

Balcony rooms all feature a bed that can be split into twin beds if necessary, private bathroom with stand up shower, sitting area, television, mini fridge cooler, and of course a private balcony.

Most of the time, there will be a couch in the room. In some balcony rooms, the couch can convert to a twin bed. Other balcony cabins may also include pullman beds, which are retractable beds that can descend from the ceiling.

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The typical size of a balcony stateroom on Royal Caribbean is right around 180 square feet, not including the balcony.

The balcony itself has seating for at least two people and has a table.

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Types of balcony rooms

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There are a few types of balcony cabins you can book.

Traditionally, a balcony room means you have a view of the ocean. Balcony rooms are situated on the outer portion of the ship, with the ability to look out from your room to the ocean.

Royal Caribbean also offers two other types of balcony rooms that actually face inward towards the ship, instead of outwards to the ocean. These interior balcony rooms are only available on Oasis Class cruise ships.

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Boardwalk balcony rooms have a view of the Boardwalk neighborhood, while Central Park balcony rooms have a view of the Central Park neighborhood.

These inward facing balcony rooms tend to be a little bit cheaper than oceanview balcony rooms, and offer excellent people watching opportunities. There is still plenty of fresh air to enjoy, and you get to see what is happening below in the neighborhood.

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Obstructed balcony rooms

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It is worth talking about a subset of the balcony rooms, known as obstructed balcony rooms.

Obstructed balcony rooms have some physical barrier that blocks at least part of the view you would usually have in a balcony room. That is not to say the view from your balcony is completely obstructed, just partially.

Most commonly, obstructions are either life boats or the ship's structure.

The reason to book an obstructed balcony room is you will be able to get a good deal on these types of cabins because demand for them is much less than a regular balcony. But if having something blocking at least part of your view from your balcony will bother you, then avoid these types of balconies.

Why you should book a balcony room

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If you are wondering if booking a balcony room is worth the extra money compared to an inside room, here are a few good reasons to move up to a balcony.

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Private space

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Without a doubt, the number one reason to book a balcony room is you get a private balcony to enjoy when you want it.

Unlike the top deck of the ship, there is no one to contend with to get a great view of the ocean. Moreover, it is your place to enjoy in the morning and evening, or with a cup of coffee.

Some passengers like to take their room service orders outside and enjoy the meal on their balcony as an added plus.

Unlike the pool deck, a private balcony means private space to enjoy time in the sun and also somewhere much more quiet.

More living space

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A balcony room will also give you more space, both inside and outside.

Balcony rooms are larger in terms of square footage, and the balcony adds even more space to enjoy. Cruise ship cabins are traditionally smaller than hotel rooms, so every square foot counts.

When you are traveling with children, having that extra space really makes a difference.

The views

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Of course, the views you get from your balcony are worth it alone to book.

Having a balcony on certain itineraries really makes a difference, such as Alaska or Europe. You will be able to see wildlife and the coastline as your ship passes by, which is especially nice during sail away or sail in.

In addition, just having a view of the open ocean is calming.


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Balcony rooms offer more living space than inside rooms, and the private balcony gives you a really nice area to enjoy anytime during your cruise.

Of course, a balcony room will cost more than an interior room, but in many cases the price jump to a balcony is not unreasonably more.

For a lot of cruise fans, having their own balcony to see every morning, enjoy the ocean as it passes by, and watch the sunset from is worth it every time.

Guide to balcony staterooms on Royal Caribbean (2024)


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